Anny Ondra


Anny Ondra, one of the greatest Czech film stars of the period between the two world wars. She started back in the silent film era. Later, in the 1930s, she became a star in Germany. In total, she made over 90 films, both silent and sound. She shot most of them in Czechoslovakia, but later had dozens of roles abroad, mainly in pre-war Germany and Austria. She even starred in two films by the famous Alfred Hitchcock. She last acted in Czech as a partner of Oldřich Nový and Adina Mandlová in the comedy Reason for Divorce (1937). She made her last film in 1957. Anny Ondra also established herself in theatres in London, Berlin and Vienna. In 1933, she married German world boxing champion Max Schmeling, leaving Czechoslovakia for him. They became a celebrity couple, closely followed by media, and lived a long, difficult and beautiful life together. Max’s marriage to Anny lasted 54 years.