Alice Masaryková


Alice Masaryková, daughter of the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, and one of the first female university graduates in the country, politician and sociologist. She was the first woman with a doctorate in historical sciences, founder and first president of the Czechoslovak Red Cross. She devoted most of her life to social work, founded schools, hospitals, and supported numerous social projects. During World War I, when her father left the country, she helped hide documents related to his resistance work. She was arrested and threatened with the death penalty as a traitor. Due to the pressure of the world public, she was released from the prison in Vienna after several months. She briefly served as a member of the new Czechoslovak parliament. After her mother’s death, Alice assumed the duties of “First Lady”. After the communist coup in 1948 and the death of her brother, Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, she immigrated to Chicago, where she became actively involved in the work of expatriate associations. She died in 1966 at the age of 87. In 1994, her remains were transferred to the family tomb in Czechia.