Afzal Tauseef


Afzal Tauseef was a Pakistani Punjabi language writer, columnist and journalist. During her lifetime, she criticized military dictatorship in Pakistan and was detained, later displaced several times by the rulers of that time such as Gen. Ayub Khan and Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Afzal has authored more than thirty books in Punjabi as well as in Urdu. In 2010, she was awarded Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan in recognition of her literary contributions. After completing her studies she taught for some time at Home Economics College and later started teaching at the College of Education and remained there till her retirement. Tauseef penned 30 books in Punjabi and Urdu and wrote articles for different newspapers. Her travelogue ‘Waelay Dey Pheechay Pheechay’ based on an Indian trip was published by the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture. She was among those pioneer writers such as Shafqat Tanvir Mirza who visited all provinces of the country and came up with recommendations that Punjab should also have an institute of language and culture. After that the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture was formed. Afzal always spoke for the oppressed and down-trodden. Her autobiography ‘Dekhi Teri Duniya’ won her many accolades.