Adriena Šimotová


Adriena Šimotová, one of the most important Czech visual artists ever, worked primarily with graphics and painting, increasingly transcending the borders between them. She developed a unique art technique consisting of squeezing, perforating and layering paper. In her non-figurative art she was inspired mainly by the inner life of human. Her works are contained in collections of galleries and museums worldwide, e.g. Centre Pompidou in Paris or the Art Institute in Chicago. A number of prominent female artists belonged to her generation, who thematised their experiences as women, yet most of them, including herself, did not consider themselves feminists. “I feel that women and men are in a certain sense distinct beings, but both of them reflect this one world we share, each one differently. And that is exciting. Of course, this also implies a different approach to art,” she said. She was awarded the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1991.