Abbess Mlada


Abbess Mlada, daughter of Prince Boleslav I from the ruling Přemyslid dynasty who significantly contributed to the recognition of the Czech state through her diplomatic trip to Rome. The young woman carried an important message to the Pope and achieved a double success in the negotiations on behalf of the Czech monarch: the establishment of the bishopric of Prague and the founding of the first monastery in the country. She thus became the founder of the country’s cultural and educational centre, which also performed significant social functions. Benedictine monastery of St. George functioned at Prague Castle for over 800 years, until it was shut by the decision of Emperor Joseph II in 1782 as part of his reform measures. Sisters of the Order from St. George’s never forgot their young abbess. This intelligent, educated and courageous woman, a successful diplomat and a capable housewife, was already venerated as a saint during her lifetime. After her death on 9 April 994, she was buried in the monastery.